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The Coin Tissue is made of 100% biodegradable natural viscose, which makes it truly the green towel in white. TABLET NAPKIN can be used anytime anywhere many different situations in Gifting Impressing family & friends during parties Can be used in Magic Shows too !!! Educational purpose - to demonstrate Material Compression technology •Keep it handy for everyday household applications •Stow in your purse or wallet •Stash a few in your sports kit •Store several in your glove compartment or trunk •Entertain your friends at dinner parties •Use in place of baby wipes •Clean sticky fingers and greasy hands •Pack plenty in picnic baskets •Remove makeup on the go •Include in your luggage—they make great travel companions •Stow a couple in the trunk of your car. •Take them on camping trips your hotel, restaurant, club, discotheque and spa. ? ? Usually re-usable cotton towels are used. Re-usable in this case means laundry: detergent, bleach, electricity and water. All things that we better use as little as possible to help the environment to stay healthy. Inspired by renewable materials we restyled the compressed viscose towel into Magic Tablet Napkin, the disposable and fast-degradable replacement for the cold towel. Tablet Napkin is also a much more hygienic towel as it comes in dried and compressed form. A very Innovative Product and a great invention Introducing "Amazing Magic Towel" - the revolutionary product. You won’t Believe your Eyes when you will see this Mini Coin Expand and Grow into a Towel in just 10 Seconds. All you have to do is soak this small pack in small bowl or pot of water and within 10 seconds Other Details: The acquired Coin Tissue will be washable & reusable as many times as you wish ( it cannot be compressed again). Carrying a towel was never so easy This is a Very soft towel 100% safe, so safe that you can even use it for wiping children & Newborn Baby Safe for all ages and all skin type Brand new and high quality.

Brand: one basket

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